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Although I am an Arab I consider humanity as brothers & sisters.   
I swear by Allah, that's the absolute truth.  Indeed I accept your call that the name of the waters between Iran & Arabia should remain as the Persian Gulf.   
This just might surprise you; back when I was in Intermediate & Secondary schools in the '50s in Iraq I was an excellent Arabic calligrapher and an amateur artist.  Since our schools didn't much money they couldn't buy maps so I was the only student who drew all world history & geography maps for my schools.  When I drew the map of the Middle East or Iraq I always showed the Persian Gulf on the maps.  In my opinion, Arab nationalism came about during Nasser's era in the '50s & it collapsed with the down fall of the Baathis in Iraq.  Insha'Alla, one day all nations will put their nationalism in the back burner and live together in peace. Wasn't that precisely what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) tried to do, which he started with the Arabs of Al-Jahiliyya.  Look at Europe, after centuries of slaughtering each other now they put all their hostilities & nationalism aside & have formed a union.  So why not us Muslims?
.  The Persian Gulf,  the Middle East, Near East & Far East all were names coined by the British & Western colonialists to identify the regions of their empires around the world thereby coined a phrase "the sun never sets on the British Empire."   What's so awkward is that the official name today for UK is "The United Kingdom of Great Britain."   What a sham!  Today, the British Empire is merely an island slightly more productive than Taiwan.
I have something better for you, which might please you.  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) of Islam called it the "Persian Sea" and not the Persian Gulf.  while  the Prophet of Islam called it the Persian Sea  bahre fares , so it must be it.  That's what it is "the Persian Sea."  What we need now is to  ask  for change  of  world maps to show "The Persian Sea."
Ahmad (Sulayman) Solomon
Houston, Texas
نویسنده : m.ajam=adjam : ۱۱:٥٤ ‎ب.ظ ; سه‌شنبه ٢٧ بهمن ،۱۳۸۳
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NEVER FIND EVEN a single book to refer to A gulf


Reply To: Al-Ahram article by Mohammad Abed Al Hadi
and Hesham Al Asmar 18/1/2002
sharq al awsat 1/1/2005 Abdul Rahman Rashid 1/12005
AL Nahar al Maghrebia
 AL Nahar al Lobnania
7/1/2005 Dr. Yasin Sueid 

Thank you for your interest to find a solution for the confusion that created by ultra nationalist and Takfeirey group among our Moslem nations of the Persian gulf area regarding the name of this most famous body of water. First of all defending of this historical name as a heritage of yours and ours fathers and ancestors have never been nationalistic or chauvinist approach, as some had claimed. one of the best reason for it ,  ( 3 years ago Iranian government based on our report  removed  pervious official name of Mazanderan (a Persian tribe ) and  replace it  by khazar  to refer to Caspian sea. this was due to our suggestion to the government based on this fact that all historical maps and documents of Iran and those of Islamic world had referred to it  as Khazar sea( a non Persian trib) till 100 years ago.  Iranian officials recognition of  this  suggestion and declaring it as only official name to be used for
inside Iran and Caspian sea for foreign languages (click here for more .....) is one our  prove and a fact in this claim.
we as  Persians have never been chauvinistic and we had tolerated Arabic mass media as they had referred to it as the new name of Arabic in the past 20 years,  we joined Iranian scholars  in this campaign when we noticed that Arabs officials and some institutions conducting and treating to the ancient name of  (khaleeje al Farsi) Persian gulf  as an Takfeirey and ultra nationalist and politically approach (and in contrary to their norm  for names like of Mediterranean, Egypt ,Jordan , Tigris , Euphrates and many other names,) in translation and republication or in reintroduction of old documents , ancient books or maps they started to change its original word of khaleej al Farsi(PersianGulf) to Arabic gulf and translate word Persian to Arabian ??! I had listed at least 20  ancient books and maps even those of Arabic that recently in new edition , the original name of the Persian gulf (bahre Farsi) had been deleted or translated to Arabian gulf !?!.i.e. (Ibn Battue’s travels). This is contrary to UNESCO conventions and it is ilogic and not a scientific way of writing? We had been silent to your mass media in the past, even in discussion with your officials we had referred to the
Persian Gulf as, the gulf, to show respect to our neighbors but we didn't see any mutual respect regarding historical truth from your side. Even Arab writers had strongly refused your mentioned suggestion of Imam Khomeini in this case, rejecting it and labled it as another expansionist policy of Magusi or Ajamism? The fact is that all the time mediator with good will like you want us to show our good will but you had never asked our Arabs extremist to show a minimum of good will. toward heritage of an ancient  nation who has been there since pre history time .Iranian had never tried to changed Arab sea  to  Persian sea although there are  many references in ancient  book and maps to Persian sea name .but on contrary  in recent 20 years there are  a strong claims and many books and article on false basis on Iranian ancient territory and geo name , many hatred anti persian material in Arabic book which insulting their heritage  and language  so there must be  blame  to extremist and  Takfeerey of your side first and then on those of our side.
Secondly, I think you agree with most famous Arab scholar like Mr.  Professor Abdul Saeed Moneam, Majdei Omar, Abdul Hadi Tazi, Ghalagei, Abdrahman Rashed in this sentences:

 “There is no even a single book or map, document or any written or oral literature in Arabic or other languages in all over the world before 1950s to refer to this body of water as Arabian Gulf? All the maps even those which drawn by Arabs refer to this body of water as khaleeje or bahre Farsi (Persian) and its equivalent.” (See for Arabs scholar opinions here:

Suggestion to change this universal accepted name raised exactly after Iranian oil revolution against British by an agent of BP. in 1952 after confiscation of British Petroleum properties by Iranian government which  new and politically motivated title of Arabian Gulf was suggested by  Roderick Owen (a British member of BP whom for the first time defended  his suggestion in his book “Golden Bubble of the Arabian Gulf,” it  was later imitated by some Arab ultra nationalist  leaders  and Takfeerey groups in the region.  Professor Abdul Hadi Tazi head of Arabic countries in the  UNCSGN(United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names) and UNGEGN in an interview with IRNA said:
According to the resolutions of  the 
U N Conferenc on the Standardization of Geo Names, now held every five years, and to the U N Group of Experts on Geo Names which meets between Conferences to follow up the implementation of resolutions adopted by the Conferences,  all geographical places must have officially a single name to avoid confusing in  this age of digital and information era.  this organization recognize for all place name  only one  single official  name even those who have 2 or more names  like Egypt Germany Netherlands …   had announced a single name for international maps and for standardization of names. Any international geo name change must be ratified by UNCSGN. Arabs have raised a local alternate name for
Persian Gulf but this had been rejected by the conference and even UN secretariat in 2 occasions or more have announced that internationally recognized name of the Persian Gulf and its equivalent in another  5 UN official language is only recognized name of that body of water.
Professor Tazi also added “Current existence of 6 Arab countries is not a legal reason to change a name with 3000 universal usage background”.
As May you know all international organizations obeys the regulation of UNCSGN   and more than 15 international organizations are observer member of UNCSGN. (Among them are:
 United Nation
 UN CartographicUnit Staff.  

 IHO. International Hydrographic Organization. 
 IMO- International Maritime Organization.
 IAPO-International Associations of Physical Oceanography.
 IHB- International Hydrographic Bureau.
 United nation Documents on geographical names.
 UNICODE-Encoding Standards Consortium.
 ISO-International Standardization Organizations.
 IHA- International Hydrographic Association.
 UNGEGN-United Nations Group on Geographic Names.
 UNGIWG- United Nation Geographic Information Working group.
 UNGIS- UN Geographical Information.
 IAPO- International Association of Physical Oceanography
ICA- International Cartography Association. So any change in geographical places must be with resolution of the   UNCSGN and UNGEGN.more than 184 resolutions of 8 UNCSGN conferences you can see here like resolution No 9 of 8th conference in Berlin
calling IN NOMENCULATURE TO RESPECT geographical name as heritage.see this page 55  of 151

 The United Nations and UNESCO at least has twice recognized the legality of the term “
Persian Gulf “(UNAD 311/March 5, 1971 and UNLA 1984). More than 2000 ancient literatures, books and maps belong to the past three millenniums, which contains this historical name are proof to the Persian Gulf as a right nomenclature. Even all Arab books, document, scholars up to the 1960s have also referred to the body of water As its fore ever name "Khaleej-al-Farsi" (Persian Gulf)

I am aware of that map, I have studied more than 1500 maps of Persian gulf and I have 10 atlases in this regard .   I would like to send you the attach map to add to your collection too it is call accurate map of Persia with the adjacent countries, drawn from the most approved modern maps and cartography the whole being regulated by astron observations: by Eman Bowen 1748. Persian Gulf and Persian sea.

 Regarding 'Sinus Arabicus' and 'Mare Elcatif' you can find the answer in this Saudi Arabia site:


 the gulf of Bahrain, elcatif and Basra is used by geographers as  small gulf inside the Persian gulf and 3 or 4 exceptional maps can not  nullify 3000 maps and documents , remember that Persian gulf is the only  ancient geo name  with only few exceptional references others  like   Caspian sea  .....  had been referred to  by more than 40 different names .

Please take a glance at the following atlases too:

 -THE GULF IN HISTORIC MAPS first edition 250 maps of 1493-1931 and, Second Edition Contains maps 1478-1861 a private collection of original maps edited by Sultan Bin Muhammad Al- QASIMI, Printed, Inuk by Streamline Press Limited, Leicester, England, in 1996 and 1999. And in UAE 2000 together 400 maps.

- Atlas of historical maps of Persian Gulf from pre history till present time:    Kartugrafi-i Sahab, 1349 [1971] (370 maps)

- The Arabian Peninsula in Old European Maps (260 maps) by Khaled Al Ankary 2001.institut du monde Arabe , Paris and Tunisia University  2001 .

 The Arabian peninsula in old European maps, from the end of the 15th century to the beginning of the 19th century : Khaled Al Ankary collection : Exhibition from September 15th to October 28th 2001  .Baker Berry GA1101 .P465 2001 .

 -  Tibbets, Gerald Randall, Arabian in early Maps, Naples, Italy, and Falcon press, 1978.

 - A Guide to Antique Maps Collection of king Abdulaziz Public Library.Riyadh 


- Kuwait in historical maps 1994 by  Abdul lah ghanem 200 maps

- Roots of Kuwait in Netherlands maps 1991 .14 maps

- Atlas-i Iraq dar naqshahha-yi qadimi / Ahmad Susah ;1959  Baghdad . 37 maps

- MAPS OF Bahre Fars IBN Huoghal with 11 another maps of Persian Gulf have been published by bank of Bahrain and Dar al Koran of Bahrain 1996.

and the books: "Etefaghat Seyasy Eghtesadi  from 1806 up to  1970 between Arabs and British by AliMohammad al Rashed published in UAE 1989. in which  you will find more than 30 treaties which contain

The name khaleeje-e Farsi (Persian Gulf


THE ISLAND OF TUNB AND ABUMUSA An Iranian Argument in Search of Peace and Cooperation in the Persian Gulf ,Pirouz Mojtahed- Zadeh ,SOS University of London,1996.


Atlas Historique L antiquate, Carte II, Presses Universitaire Paris 1955.

Geographie de Strabon, Paris 1805. Deuxieme livre. P.357-362.

 Voyage du Merchand Arabe Sulyman en inde et Chine, Redige en 851, Gabriel Ferrand . 1922 Paris.


And the book:" political and economical treaties (Etefaghat Seyasy Eghtesadi) from 1806

Up to 1870   between Arabs and British by Ali

Mohammad al Rashed, published in UAE 1989.

) see also

Atlas Altarikhia by Dr Abdul Moneam Al Majed 40 maps

Dar al fekr al Arabic 1986


- Historic maritime maps 1290-1699 Donald wigal- park son press, New York, USA.2000. 3 old maps of Persian Gulf. 

Herodotus .....s   ...).  


For further information you may consult:Persian Gulf Organization....



you WILL NEVER FIND EVEN a single book or map ,document or any written or oral things in any language in all OVER the world BEFOR 1950s to refer to this body of water as ar..ian gulf ? .....



نویسنده : m.ajam=adjam : ٢:٤۳ ‎ق.ظ ; شنبه ۳ بهمن ،۱۳۸۳
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,persian gulf older than history



Estimado Sr/Sra.,


Estoy escribiendo a ustedes sobre esta página de web. Cuando la estaba leyendo había una palabra que no podía encontrarla en ningun libro de Geografía. Pero despues de un rato de buscar en la red y también consultar con los sabios, encontré que este lugar es un golfo que se ha sido llamado "Golfo Persíco" desde casí 5000 años antes. Por eso me surperendío muchisimo; que como es posible que un sitio en la red como "Noticias" puede tener este error; que es algo claro, mas claro que agua.

Consultando con las personas que estan trabajando sobre la Geografía del Medio Oriente, decidé de mandarle este mensaje y también estas páginas de web que atraves de ellas ustedes pueden encontrar el nombre verdadero de esta parte del mundo.


También entre las páginas de UN en Internet, es possible que podrían saber más sobre este golfo que se llama "Golfo Persíco". Por favor imaginan que va a ocurrir si vamos a escribir "el país de Basco" como una parte separada de España no como una comunidad de España. Eso es totalmente como lo que ustedes hacían con el "Golfo Persíco". Para mí y seguro para las demas Iraníes eso es algo insoportable.


Así Por favor teniendo en cuenta de las informaciónes que les regalo aqui, tengan una mirada a su página y seguro que dentro un rato podrémos ver la verdad en esta página. Y eso significa todo lo que debe ocurre en este mundo , y si será no habrá más problemas entre las naciónes que todo somos amigos y parientes; no hay ningun diferencia. Y eso lo ví en la "tve Internaciónal" esta semana, en el día de "FAO"; y seguro que en el país de la paz (España), viven y trabajan la gente que adoran la humanidad y no van a luchar con la cultura y la historia de otras naciónes. En este caso también seguro que todo va a corregir y lo veamos muy pronto. Aquí tienen una dirección de UN y otras que confirman las palabras y fraces que les presentaba: (UN)


Espero que luego me van a escribir que este error se ha sido corregido; si necesitan más documentos en este caso por favor me permiten saber.


Muchisimas gracias una vez más y espero vista de ustedes muy pronto.




Mehri Mohebbi, MSc.

Universidad Politecnica de Madrid,


نگهبانان خليج فارس

نویسنده : m.ajam=adjam : ۳:۳۳ ‎ب.ظ ; جمعه ٢ بهمن ،۱۳۸۳
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persiangulf name older than history

کتاب خليج فارس نامی کهن تر از تاريخ کاملترين پژوهش در مورد نام خليج فارس

نويسنده محمد عجم انتشارات پارت. تهران ۱/۶/ ۱۳۸۳ 




نویسنده : m.ajam=adjam : ۳:٢٠ ‎ب.ظ ; جمعه ٢ بهمن ،۱۳۸۳
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Italian groups to perform 'Persian Gulf' concerts

LONDON, Jan 30 (IranMania) - Two Italian musical ensembles namely the
Florence Symphonic Orchestra and the Roman Chorus Group will perform a
piece of song called 'the Persian Gulf''.

According to the Persian daily Jam-e Jam, the conductor of Florence
Symphonic Orchestra said that the Italian two music groups will perform
Persian Gulf songs as a gift to the Iranian nation on the occasion of
Fajr International Music Festival.

Asked to elaborate on the Italian musicians decision to perform the
Persian Gulf song, he said that both Iran and Italy have a rich and
historical culture and civilization. If one of these civilizations is
threatened, it is the responsibility of all to react to such
encroachments, he declared.

"If we do not react to the threats facing the Iranian civilization and
the Persian Gulf, such a scenario will take place in Italy as well
tomorrow," he said.

The Italian music groups proposed to perform in one of Iranian islands
in the Persian Gulf.

Meanwhile, head of the Center for Persian Music Mohammad Hossein
Homafar said that arrangements have been made for 70 music groups to
focus on the theme of Iranian national sovereignty and territorial

He said that the Center for Persian Music has also made preparations to
organize programs called 'Echo of the Caspian Sea' in the northern
provinces, 'The Echo of East' in the eastern provinces, 'The Echo of
Oraman' in the western provinces and 'The Echo of the Persian Gulf' in
the southern provinces.

In addition to the music bands from Italy, other foreign groups from
Russia, Romania, the Netherlands, Turkey, Tajikistan, France, Poland,
Azerbaijan, Spain and Ukraine are scheduled to take part in Fajr
International Music Festival.

نویسنده : m.ajam=adjam : ۳:۱٦ ‎ب.ظ ; جمعه ٢ بهمن ،۱۳۸۳
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<#hits#> avesta called it Faraakh Kart



Persian Sea (Persian Gulf) in the Avesta, Pahlavi texts and the Shahnameh

Faraakh Kart" sea is mentioned twenty seven  times

In the eighth chapter of Bon Dahishn (the seas), the seas on the border of Iran are mentioned as follows:

    "There are three saline seas, one Puyitic, one Kamrood and one Siah Bon! Of these, the Puyitic is the largest... it has ebbs and tides

  1. Some of the respectable speakers of the Persian Gulf Congress mentioned some Assyrian texts as the source of the name 'Persian Sea', even though the origin of the name 'Puyitic' dated farther back than the emergence of the Assyrian state.
  2. "In the oldest inscriptions of Uruk (5500 years ago), the name of this sea has been mentioned as 'Post'", the notes of Mohammad Reza Ryazi, during his talk in Kish; as can be seen with the change of 'y' to 's' (as in 'Pay' to 'Pas', meaning 'after' or 'following' in Persian), 'Post' is another form of 'Puyt' in Puyitic.
نویسنده : m.ajam=adjam : ۳:۱٦ ‎ب.ظ ; جمعه ٢ بهمن ،۱۳۸۳
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 please respect the historical truth and heritage names 

The  reference in your website  the  new  term "Arabian Gulf" is historically and legally incorrect. According to all historical, geographical books ,maps and international documents, such as United Nation's directives and the  U NCSGN, the body of water between Iran and Arabian Peninsula is called "Persian Gulf .

As the  most famous Arab scholar  such as Mr.  Professor Abdul Saeed Moneam , Majdei Omar , Abdul Hadi Tazi, Ghalagei, Abdrahman Rashed   had wrote :

“There is no even a single book or map, document or any written or oral literature in Arabic or other languages in all over the world before 1950s to refer to this body of water as Arabian Gulf? All the maps even those which drawn by Arabs refer to this body of water as khaleej or bahre Farsi (Persian) and its equivalent.” (click for Arabs scholar opinions::
.Iranian had never tried to change names like Arab sea  to  Persian sea  , Oman sea   
 Caspian sea  ..... to Iranian although there are  many references in ancient  book and maps to Persian and Iran sea . 

The “Arabian Gulf” actually refers to the present-day Red Sea “in antiquity and the gulf  of west  Alexandria in Egypt coast. See atlas of The Arabian Peninsula in Old European Maps  and click :    Persian Gulf Organization..  ..


Please be aware that in legal terms, the United Nations has twice recognized the legality of the term "Persian Gulf" (UNAD 311/March 5, 1971 and UNLA 45.8.2 (c) on August 10, 1984). It is significant that all Arab countries have signed the UN documents. For further information consult the following links:

It is a remarkable fact that the portrayal of geographical nomenclature by your site is at odds and at variance with the actual legal documentation of the UN and to the resolutions of the  .UNCSGN UNConference on the Standardization of Geo Names,  are you  aware of this ?
all Arab scholars up to the 1960s have also referred to the body of water as its Historical name "Kahleej-al-Fares" (Persian Gulf) See atlas of The Arabian Peninsula in Old European Maps (253 maps) by Khaled Al Ankary Tunisia and Atlas of historical maps of persian gulf  by S.M.Ghasmi UAE. or Atlas of IRAQ's  maps  by Ahmad Susa.(click for Arabs scholar opinions:

Iranian had never tried to change geo name due to national intrest  like Arab sea , Oman sea   or   Caspian sea  Persian or Iranian sea  although there are  many references in ancient  book and maps to Persian  and Iranian sea.
The invention of "Arabian Gulf" was initiated by a political advisor of  Emir of Bahrain(Sir Charles Belgrave ( 1926-1956)  his initiative was rejected as an uncorrect reference at the time .  see TIME Magazine's August 27, 1956 entitled "The Uncontrollable Genie). Sir Belgrave's failure did not restrain Mr. Roderic Owen (an employee of British Petroleum in the 1950s) from reviving the project of name change for the Persian Gulf.
The misapplication of terms, such as using the old term for the Red Sea (Arabian Gulf) instead of Persian Gulf, was an ingenious step in creating geopolitical and popular friction between Arabs and Iranians which  can cause  confution and a mess of geo names .

Note that many schoolars and Mass Medi  such as CBC( Mr. Germain head of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) after carful study of the case have  removed  all references to "Arabian Gulf" and now  correctly refer to the body of water as The Persian Gulf. .
It would be appreciated that the geographical error be rectified as soon as possible. Your attention to this matter is most appreciated.

Best Regards

Mohammad Ajam   faculty of law and  political science .member of  Persian.Gulf org.

نویسنده : m.ajam=adjam : ۳:۱٥ ‎ب.ظ ; جمعه ٢ بهمن ،۱۳۸۳
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Iran names highway 'Persian Gulf'


civilization was very older in






Iran reacted strongly in November when the eighth edition of the National Geographic atlas was released with the term "Arabian Gulf" in parenthesis. Tehran banned that edition of the atlas, as well as National Geographic journalists.

On December 30, National Geographic announced it was changing its map. The revised map, published on, bears a note in the middle of the Gulf saying that while most people call it the Persian Gulf, "this body of water is referred to by some as the Arabian Gulf."






Mesopotamia at the head of the Persian Gulf.

نویسنده : m.ajam=adjam : ۳:۱٥ ‎ب.ظ ; جمعه ٢ بهمن ،۱۳۸۳
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'al-khaleej al-farsi <#hits#>i


نویسنده : m.ajam=adjam : ۳:٠٩ ‎ب.ظ ; جمعه ٢ بهمن ،۱۳۸۳
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Aryan invasion theory" was false iranian were in iran at least 10000

Due to a long history of Anti-Iranian feelings amongst the Europeans that goes back to the time of Greek and Roman writers who were at war with us for centauries; there are a lot of European books that have been written by propagandists with an agenda to denigrate us.

We must begin to research and write our own history and not simply recycle the lies of Europeans.

Do Europeans allow others to write their history books? NO.

Do Americans allow others to write their history books? NO.

Do Jews allow others to write their history books? No Way.

We know that a lot of things that Europeans, Americans, and specially Jews have written about themselves are pure lies and fabrications in order to make themselves look good in the eyes of others.

But we Iranians, are the only one who allow our enemies to write about us, our history, our origin, etc.

These days there are a lot of American, British, and specially Jewish funded groups who are spreading anti-Iran lies all around the World.

Israeli agents, the "Bahais" pay news medias all around the World to call Persian New Year "Nowruz", a Bahai New Year. Zionist-azaris do the exact same thing.

Another group of Israeli agents, Zionist-azaris even call "Zartosht" a turk? I guess Avesta is in turkish!

Arab apes, and turks spread lies that Iranians (Aryans) invaded Iran ("Aryan invasion theory" by "Friedrich Max Müller").

Even Europeans now accept that the "Aryan invasion theory" was false, because there is not even one piece of evidence to back it up.

No one has been able to provide even on piece of evidence that Iranians (Aryans) came from somewhere else. Yet our books and most of our own people keep repeating these lies.

"Aryan invasion theory" was just a theory, and that's it. Until a theory is backed up by solid evidence it remains just an unproven theory.

I can claim and theorize that there are little green men living on planet Mars. But until I provide evidence, it remain just a theory and nothing more.

I have studied Archaeology and Physical anthropology, and I have yet to find one shred of evidence that Iranians (Aryans) came from any place but the Greater Iranian Plateau.

A lot of misinformation about Iran and origin of Aryans goes back to writing of Europeans likes German "Friedrich Max Müller" and his false "Aryan invasion theory" (, and others in the mid nineteenth century.

Today we know that those theories are false. Sadly, those false theories are the foundations of many high school and university books that are still in use.

Iranians never came from anywhere else. There is no evidence whatsoever that Iranians (Aryans) came from Europe or Asia. All those false theories goes back to writings of a few Europeans during the Victorian era.

The name of "Iran" goes back to the origins of "Aryans". Every linguist in the World now accepts that the Etymology of word "Iran" is an Indo-Iranian (Indo-European). The word Aryan has roots in the word that Iranians called themselves "Ayria", meaning free, noble and steady.

The word Iran is derived from this very root, having been transformed from Ayria, meaning the land of the Aryans. This is the most ancient term applied to the Greater Iranian Plateau, and such a term has never been detected anywhere else in the world!

This is a solid proof that Aryans were originally from the Greater Iranian Plateau and then spread out to other regions. And that is the reason why almost all European languages are derived from ancient Persian or Indo-Iranian (Indo-European).

Last year a group of linguists, using the differences amongst Indo-Iranian (Indo-European), languages estimated the dates of divergence of these languages. The result was published in the most respected scientific journals; "Nature", and "Science".

Those results showed that the date of Indo-Iranian (Indo-European), language divergence began about 10,000 years ago.

This is yet another proof that Iranians (Aryans) have been in IThe Greater ranian Plateau for at least 10,000 years.

I am Dariush, the great king, the king of kings
'Aryan', from the Aryan race
"From the Darius the Great's Inscription in Naqshe-e-Rostam"

November 28, 2003
Volume: 302; Pages: 1490-1491
Early Date for the Birth of Indo-European Languages

November 27, 2003
Volume 426; Pages: 435 - 439
Language-tree divergence times support the Anatolian theory of Indo-European origin

نویسنده : m.ajam=adjam : ٢:۳٩ ‎ب.ظ ; جمعه ٢ بهمن ،۱۳۸۳
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