Trouble between Iran and the UAE could flare up following the seizure of boats belonging to both

The dispute between the United Arab Emirates and Iran over three strategic islands in the Persian Gulf flared up as both sides seized boats belonging to the other country, it was reported on Sunday.  Abu Dhabi's foreign ministry, embassy in Tehran and consulate in Bandar Abbas have undertaken contacts "with relevant authorities in Iran to resolve the issue of the five sailors" detained after their fishing boat was seized, foreign ministry  under-secretary Abdullah Rashed Al Nuaimi told the daily Al Khaleej."Iranian officials have promised to resolve the matter," he said.According to the Al Khaleej paper, an Emirati national and four Indian expatriates were aboard the fishing boat, which according to its Emirati owner, Mohammad Hassan Al Qadhi, "disappeared on May 8."The newspaper said three Iranian boats were seized by Emirati authorities on May 15 "after entering UAE territorial waters," but did not make clear how many people were on board or their nationalities.Abu Dhabi and Tehran have a longstanding row over the islands of Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa, seized by Iran after British forces left Persian Gulf in 1971 but claimed by the UAE


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