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National Geographic  report on history of persian gulf and did call it  again the this is her report on  Persian Gulf...



در خصوص ترجمه اين کتاب به زبان انگليسی و عربی از هموطنان تقاضای ياری داريم

11_1_book_ajam.jpgتصوير روی جلد و پشت جلد  يکی از ۱۰ نقشه معروفی است که بطور همزمان دريای عرب را با نام دريای پارسpersian sea و خليج فارس را با نام خليج فارس ثبت کرده اند البته ما دريای پارس را سالها است که به دريای عرب تغيير داده ايم حالا مانده است از آن اقيانوس پارس يک خليج  در جنوب غربی ايران که ناسيونال فاشيستهای عرب به آنهم گير داده اند .

Dear all PGTF
as you know arabic newspaper sharq al owsat is the  most important arabic newspaper publishing in more than  30 countries similtaniously . the writters are all very famous and most of them ex ministers or high rank officials ,there are 3 news and 4 articales on it during 1  month past  about persian gulf name and some comment on it and .
main point of this 4 article is this:

1-geoghraphical name are  not as important as some iranian are sensetive to it .
2-  geoghraphical name have no permenet  ID and are  due to be changed according to the reality as the bahre roum , mamlekat fars . blad ajam , soviet union ....that  have been changed and not exist any more.
3- those who had called the gulf persian gulf they had ignored west part of the gulf that have been resident of arabs befor Ariyan persian occupation??!!2500years ago??!!
4- historicaly the gulf had been named by arabs and others as persian gulf but this not means that it must remain as a holy unchangeable name for ever.
5- expansionist and pride ( kebria) policy of persian majus had been always with Iranian   wether Shah or iranian shia moullahs
6- Iranian can use the nam and we use our name
7- we will never oppose them of using persian gulf and they must not force us to obay that name
8- iranian nationalist are very racist and look to arabs as inferior and degrade insult arabs all the time.
9- there is persian side of the gulf and arabian side so it is persian/arabian gulf
10- iran must not use historical maps for political use
11- there are many geoghraphical name in the world with 2 or more diferent name and all respected country respect and treat these name as equail  like mansh and british chanel.both side use both name
12- why iranian becom so angry when ever they hear arabian gulf ? is not koran in arabic and prophet mohammad and imams all arabs?what is wrong or harmful to iranian who can not tolerate a name ?
14- kareston neibur and rodrico owen as pioneer europian had recognized  that the best name  fit to the region is arabian gulf because of the cost all populated by arabs .
15- khomeiny sugested islamic gulf but iranian racist nationalist full of persian pride  rejected this 

16- mollas are using this term to satisfy their safvid dreams. if you have any answear please go to their site an comment .

persian gulf for ever has apeared in the most famouse arabic newspaper sharq al awsat



persian gulf
i had read this comment and i am ashamed of many of this unlogic comments of ours brothers who call themself arabs i am sorry to say we had started to replace a historical name that has been used by all arabs as khaleej fars and bahre fars befor 1957 to arabian gulf if we want to change it it is ok but in arabic language. this is racist policy to force other culture and language to follow us
غضب إيران أو سورية سواء في التصريح أو في السلوك, فضبط النفس لديهما على درجة كبيرة لأنهما تقرآن ما بين السطور وما يدور تحت الطاولة.
The name of the Gulf was always the Persian Gulf and it was clear that the reason for changing the name to Arabic Gulf was due to Naser and his national movement. The logic of ownership of a water entity has never been in the iranian minds. So the logic and the examples given by the writer are invalid . Is he saying Mexico should take the whole ownership of the Gulf of Mexico etc. The arabs are the guilty party by giving themself the right to change one whole Gulf due to nationalism reasons. The current prime minister and his defense ministers of iraq are in temprory positions so iran does not have to reply
persian gulf for ever
since one year ago i am reading your article there is no logic and no reson to prove your claim and the same is with the comments always are the same it is comming from few people with diffrent name for example khanjar shie have been copied from previous article and paste it to this one
give us new thing and prove your claim with documents
as iranian are doing they will never claim any thing without enough document
i am an iranian but had allways recepected arabs as good people the problems is coming from our leaders

M.AJAM  falcon of persian gulf watch


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