Italian groups to perform 'Persian Gulf' concerts

LONDON, Jan 30 (IranMania) - Two Italian musical ensembles namely the
Florence Symphonic Orchestra and the Roman Chorus Group will perform a
piece of song called 'the Persian Gulf''.

According to the Persian daily Jam-e Jam, the conductor of Florence
Symphonic Orchestra said that the Italian two music groups will perform
Persian Gulf songs as a gift to the Iranian nation on the occasion of
Fajr International Music Festival.

Asked to elaborate on the Italian musicians decision to perform the
Persian Gulf song, he said that both Iran and Italy have a rich and
historical culture and civilization. If one of these civilizations is
threatened, it is the responsibility of all to react to such
encroachments, he declared.

"If we do not react to the threats facing the Iranian civilization and
the Persian Gulf, such a scenario will take place in Italy as well
tomorrow," he said.

The Italian music groups proposed to perform in one of Iranian islands
in the Persian Gulf.

Meanwhile, head of the Center for Persian Music Mohammad Hossein
Homafar said that arrangements have been made for 70 music groups to
focus on the theme of Iranian national sovereignty and territorial

He said that the Center for Persian Music has also made preparations to
organize programs called 'Echo of the Caspian Sea' in the northern
provinces, 'The Echo of East' in the eastern provinces, 'The Echo of
Oraman' in the western provinces and 'The Echo of the Persian Gulf' in
the southern provinces.

In addition to the music bands from Italy, other foreign groups from
Russia, Romania, the Netherlands, Turkey, Tajikistan, France, Poland,
Azerbaijan, Spain and Ukraine are scheduled to take part in Fajr
International Music Festival.

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