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Persian Sea (Persian Gulf) in the Avesta, Pahlavi texts and the Shahnameh

Faraakh Kart" sea is mentioned twenty seven  times

In the eighth chapter of Bon Dahishn (the seas), the seas on the border of Iran are mentioned as follows:

"There are three saline seas, one Puyitic, one Kamrood and one Siah Bon! Of these, the Puyitic is the largest... it has ebbs and tides

Some of the respectable speakers of the Persian Gulf Congress mentioned some Assyrian texts as the source of the name 'Persian Sea', even though the origin of the name 'Puyitic' dated farther back than the emergence of the Assyrian state.
"In the oldest inscriptions of Uruk (5500 years ago), the name of this sea has been mentioned as 'Post'", the notes of Mohammad Reza Ryazi, during his talk in Kish; as can be seen with the change of 'y' to 's' (as in 'Pay' to 'Pas', meaning 'after' or 'following' in Persian), 'Post' is another form of 'Puyt' in Puyitic.
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