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Although I am an Arab I consider humanity as brothers & sisters.   
I swear by Allah, that's the absolute truth.  Indeed I accept your call that the name of the waters between Iran & Arabia should remain as the Persian Gulf.   
This just might surprise you; back when I was in Intermediate & Secondary schools in the '50s in Iraq I was an excellent Arabic calligrapher and an amateur artist.  Since our schools didn't much money they couldn't buy maps so I was the only student who drew all world history & geography maps for my schools.  When I drew the map of the Middle East or Iraq I always showed the Persian Gulf on the maps.  In my opinion, Arab nationalism came about during Nasser's era in the '50s & it collapsed with the down fall of the Baathis in Iraq.  Insha'Alla, one day all nations will put their nationalism in the back burner and live together in peace. Wasn't that precisely what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) tried to do, which he started with the Arabs of Al-Jahiliyya.  Look at Europe, after centuries of slaughtering each other now they put all their hostilities & nationalism aside & have formed a union.  So why not us Muslims?
.  The Persian Gulf,  the Middle East, Near East & Far East all were names coined by the British & Western colonialists to identify the regions of their empires around the world thereby coined a phrase "the sun never sets on the British Empire."   What's so awkward is that the official name today for UK is "The United Kingdom of Great Britain."   What a sham!  Today, the British Empire is merely an island slightly more productive than Taiwan.
I have something better for you, which might please you.  Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) of Islam called it the "Persian Sea" and not the Persian Gulf.  while  the Prophet of Islam called it the Persian Sea  bahre fares , so it must be it.  That's what it is "the Persian Sea."  What we need now is to  ask  for change  of  world maps to show "The Persian Sea."
Ahmad (Sulayman) Solomon
Houston, Texas
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