Persian Gulf not Ar gulf

Dear Sir/Madam,
I noted that you have used the term "Arabian Gulf"  instead of the
historical term of the Persian Gulf in your Web site;

I would like to point out that according to all historical/geographical
documents, also United Nations' directives, the name of this
waterway which separates  Iran (Persia) from Saudi Arabia is the

UN Links :

You can visit this page for some maps & documents and see even Arab
scholars until 1960s used "Al-Khalij Al-Farsi" (Arabic name
of the "Persian Gulf");

"Arabian Gulf" in fact is the ancient name of the present-day "Red Sea"
(located between Arabia and Africa).

May I ask you to kindly use the proper term in your website?
Thanks so much for your attention.

Pejman Akbarzadeh
Member of "ARTISTS WITHOUT FRONTIERS"  (Tehran Chapter)


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